The Ultimate Book on How to Find Your Perfect Match
by Ruki D. Renov
ISBN 0-9766946-3-8, Hardcover, 296 pages
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A complete guide to Shidduch Dating including instructions, anecdotes, stories, insights and lots of laughs!


The Art of The Date

 The ultimate book on How to Find Your Perfect Match. A complete guide to Shidduch Dating including instructions, anecdotes, stories, insights and lots of laughs.           

 My wife and I were happy for twenty years. Then we met.

 This book teaches the art of dating, how to go about identifying, meeting and marrying the person who is right for you. It guides you from the decision to begin to date, all the way through the wedding date. It is entertaining, informative, funny and easy to read. It answers many of the questions that are being asked by Jewish singles in today’s environment.

It takes at least two people to make a marriage – a single girl and an anxious mother. And often a matchmaker!

 It offers advice for men such as “The best way to win an argument with a wife is to hit her over the head with a mink coat” and advice for women such as: “A good wife laughs at her husband’s jokes, not because they are clever, but because she is.”

It reveals secrets of finding marital bliss such as: “There would be more happy marriages if husbands tried to understand their wives and wives tried to understand football.”

 “Marriages may be made in Heaven but most of the details are worked out on Earth.” This book will help you along with the details, and allow you to enjoy one of the most exciting and challenging stages of your life.



        Ruki D Renov (formerly Davidowitz) is a native New Yorker. In addition to The

Art of the Date, she has written the children’s book, Don’t Burst My Bubble. She

 directed, conceived and helped arrange two musical CDs performed by her family.

    An accomplished and beloved wife, mother of eight and grandmother of five, Mrs. Renov holds a Masters Degree in finance with honors (Beta Gamma Sigma) from the Bernard Baruch Graduate School of Business.

    Mrs. Renov resides with her husband Kal in Lawrence, New York where she is actively involved with many yeshivot, institutions and charities. She avidly dedicates her time to numerous formal and informal shidduch organizations with the goal of making dating a more positive experience and the resulting marriages more fulfilling.


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