Subtitle: A Novel

Author: Yitzchak Goldman

ISBN 978-0-9766946-6-3, Hardcover, 272 pages
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Nathan and Marta Perelman find their normally placid lives thrown into complete turmoil when they become the unsuspecting recipients of some anonymous gifts. As the gifts increase in both frequency and degree of peculiarity, Nathan becomes fixated on discovering who his mysterious benefactor is—and how he can put an end to this disturbing trend...


Rosie Capelluto, an effervescent and distinctly outspoken single mother, joins Nathan and Marta in their search after meeting up with Nathan in a most unexpected way. Rosie’s obsession with the case is surpassed only by her desperate need for Nathan’s financial support and a place to stay following her eviction—as well as her desperate need for a father figure in her life...

Nathan’s Fortune is the suspenseful, emotional, and oftentimes hilarious, portrayal of the depth of the human spirit…and the power to grant the ultimate forgiveness in one's life.




Rabbi Yitzchak Goldman is the author of the books The Other Side of the Farm (Targum Press) and First Identity (Targum Press) and Soul Diet: Ten Steps Towards Metaphysical Health(Neeman House Publishers).


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