NATHANíS FORTUNE Nathan and Marta Perelman find their normally placid lives thrown into turmoil...  Author: Yitzchak Goldman  
KATIF: NINE DAYS IN AV Beautiful coffee-table size photo album depicting the saga of Gush Katif



If lively, high-caliber reading is what youíre looking for, then youíve come to the right place!
At LíChaim, our goal is to provide first-rate, high quality reading material for a broad spectrum of readers, on a wide range of topics. From the ordinary to the extreme, the traditional to the off-the-beaten-path, our books are sure to add an exciting new dimension to the Jewish literary scene.
So, sit back, relax, and celebrate life with any of these new titles by LíChaim Publications Ė To Life!
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ISRAEL BEHIND BARS True stories of hope and redemption.  Find out what goes on behind bars;  Author: Rabbi Fishel Jacobs
A complete guide to Shidduch Dating including instructions, anecdotes, stories, insights and lots of laughs!          
DIRECTION: Finding Your Way in  Relationships, Parenting & Personal Growth
by Chaya Feuerman & Rabbi Simcha Feuerman
The Central Park Guru
Becomes an Old City
by Gil Locks